To the first person

To those who would like to go to church

I know the wedding ceremony in church and Christmas but what is church, What are doing? what is God ...

If you think so, please come to the church one time.

Mass is held at church on Sunday. When we interact with God here,

Our heart will be refreshed and it will feel very calm.

It's true.

Everyone can participate in the Masses,There is no believers and unbelievers distinction here.

If you came to church, please say for near people "first time came to church."

I will guide you.

If you have something you do not understand or want to know before coming to church please contact me.

We can enter church even weekdays.

Because there is no one, it is very quiet.

Please pray alone in a quiet cathedral.

If you are lucky, the organist is practicing and At that time pure music will wrap you.

I pray that you will have a good time of prayer for you.